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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Nov 25, 2013

Roxy Ahmed, of Femme EntrepreneurToday’s Guest

I originally met today’s guest, Roxy Ahmed, at Catherine Watkin's Get More Clients Saying Yes! from Speaking and Presenting weekend workshop. I loved Roxy's energy, and I loved the work she was doing, so I couldn't wait to get her on the show. She's got a wonderful business journey to share with you.

I particularly love how she's really embraced a previous business venture that didn't work out, and how she learned from it. She's all about energy and mindset, and she has a lot to share with us.

Roxy Ahmed is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Wealth Coach. She coaches Heart-Centred Entrepreneurial Women on business and their relationship with money, & cultivating powerful Money & Wealth Mindset, so that they make more money, work less and create a beautiful & fulfilled life doing what they love that is in alignment with their Authenticity, Personality & Passion.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Roxy's top tips for getting in the right mindset to make more money
  • How "failed" business ventures can be a valuable gift
  • Why your "money story" is so important

Inspiring Women in Business

Connect With Roxy

Roxy is currently offering a new program, to be launched in January 2014: "Transform your Business with Sacred Money Archetypes ~ How to overcome your Money Stuff by discovering your Money Personality."

She is also creating the "Divine Feminine Wealth Mindset," so stay tuned for this new group program in 2014.