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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Jan 4, 2016

R2B128 Amy Humphries ~ How to Hotwire Your Business to 5 Figure Months

Today’s Guest

I'm super excited to introduce today's guest, Amy Humphries. Amy is a recent discovery for me...I recently heard of her through two different people, and then we actually met in the real (offline!) world. I love her style and I love what she teaches, and I knew I wanted to get her on the show. Amy shares some super practical tips on how to hot wire your business so you can make regular 5 figure months.

About Amy Humphries

Amy Humphries is an ex professional sailor turned online marketing strategist who helps healers, coaches & consultants to stop tiptoeing around their zone of genius so they can lead the pack and make bank online. Her speciality is in helping entrepreneurs to create processes that do the selling for them, establishing their authority and helping them create regular 5-figure months.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Amy's top tips on how to regularly achieve 5 figure months
  • How anxiety helped Amy launch her business
  • Why you need to hire yourself
  • How to connect the dots of your heightened experiences (and why that's so important)
  • Why you need to hang your hat on something (and what that means)

Things We Discussed

Inspiring Women

Connect with Amy

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