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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Dec 29, 2014

[SHP 75] How to Have a Successful Online Launch

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Farideh Ceaser, via Sandy Sidhu's podcast. I love how she blends her music experience into her current business in a way that's so uniquely hers. Her business music is also hilarious!

We all know that launching can be a bit daunting, or at the very least stressful....

Dec 22, 2014

[SHP 74] How to Add Feminine Energy to Your Business, with Beth Martens and Sherry Rothwell

Today’s Guests

I met today’s guest, Beth Martens, almost ten years ago in Mexico. We reconnected earlier this year, and Beth was one of my first guests on this podcast. Through Beth, I discovered Sherry Rothwell, and when I learned more about the fantastic program they've put together, I realized I needed to...

Dec 15, 2014

[SHP 73] How to Create Your Signature Program, with Janet Kafadar

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Janet Kafadar, on Sandy Sidhu's Business Ignite Show podcast. I love what she does, and I think it's so important for most of us to develop a signature program that clearly packages up what we do. I'm so excited to have her on the show, and I know you'll find her...

Dec 8, 2014

[SHP 72] How to Get From $12K a Year to $12K a Month, with Kylie Patchett

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Kylie Patchett, in the Lucky Bitch community. Then I saw her story about her Best Month Ever with her amazing launch this year, and I wanted to learn more. She's got a great story on how she went from $12K a year to $12K a month, and she shares all about her $86K...

Dec 1, 2014

How to Conquer Your World, with Natalie MacNeil

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Natalie MacNeil, a couple of years ago on Natalie Sisson's Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast. I've been following her online ever since. I absolutely love her energy and how she helps women create successful business that are aligned with their purpose.

About Natalie...