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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Mar 31, 2014

Helen Reynolds Style

Today’s Guest

I first met today's guest via the fabulous Catherine Watkin, who we discuss in this episode. I really love Helen's approach to style, and how she works to help women find their own true style, rather than arbitrarily assigning them one. She's got a very holistic five step approach to what she does,...

Mar 24, 2014

Holly Worton Social Media the Heart Centered Way

Today’s Guest

It’s me! Last time you heard me, I was interviewed by the fabulous Jo Casey, in the same style that I interview my own guests here at the Socially Holistic Podcast. That was to give you a little introduction from me so that you know a bit more about my background. If you haven't listened to that...

Mar 17, 2014

PJ Van Hulle of Real Prosperity

Today’s Guest

I first met today's guest via Amethyst Mahoney, who based her Biztopia Challenge on PJ Van Hulle's List-a-Palooza, which I also participated in last year. I love her enthusiasm and her style, and I love the way she teaches list-building in an easy to understand way.

PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed...

Mar 10, 2014

[SHP 33] How to Tap Into Your Success, with Linda Anderson

Today’s Guest

I first met today's guest at one of Catherine Watkin's events, where she mentioned how working with Linda Anderson really helped her work through her fears and take her business to new levels. As someone who saw how Cath grew her business last year, I took note. Tapping has really helped me work...

Mar 3, 2014

[SHP 32] How to Find Your Thing and Get Famous For It, with Lucy Whittington

Today’s Guest

I first met today's guest, Lucy Whittington, when she spoke at a business mastermind group I was part of through my coaching school. She was exciting and inspiring to listen to, and she gave me loads of ideas for my own business. At the time, I had just chosen my current (at the time) niche at the...