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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Nov 30, 2014

[SHP 70] How to Create Content that Connects, with Amanda Berlin

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Amanda Berlin, when she reached out to me via email. I immediately checked her out, and discovered that I loved her story and what she does, and I couldn't wait to have her on the show. As Amanda says, "Narrative is what consumers connect with. They are literally...

Nov 17, 2014

[SHP 69] How to Discover Your Zone of Genius, with Ellen Ercolini

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Ellen Ercolini, in the Lucky Bitch community. Then I came across her Best Month Ever post on the Lucky Bitch blog, and I immediately checked out her website. I love the work that she does to help business owners "clarify + package their skills, talents + awesomeness...

Nov 10, 2014

[SHP 68] How to Run Webinars Using Google Hangouts on Air, with Sandy Sidhu

Today’s Guest

Sandy Sidhu and I first met when we were introduced online via Amanda Cook, another podcaster (and previous guest here on the podcast!). After checking out her website, I discovered she was an expert in running webinars using Google Hangouts on Air. She's the perfect guest for this podcast,...

Nov 3, 2014

[SHP 67] How to Overcome Fear of Not Being Good Enough, with Ann Brown

Today’s Guest

Ann Brown and I first met online, via Twitter, and later we met offline at Corrina Gordon-Barnes's You Inspire Me meetup. I love what she does: helping heart-centered women entrepreneurs get over their fear of not being good enough...also known as the impostor syndrome. I think we've all felt that...