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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Feb 23, 2015

[R2B 83] How to Follow Your Creative Intuition, with Flora Bowley

Today’s Guest

I'm pretty sure I first discovered today's guest, Flora Bowley, on Candace N'Diaye's previous website. I was drawn to a graphic in the side bar, and then got lost in Flora's online world. I absolutely love her approach to painting, and I've been wanting to do one of her courses even since I first...

Feb 16, 2015

[R2B 82] How to Create a High End Offer Your Clients Will Buy, with Julia Bernard-Thompson

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Julia Bernard-Thompson, when she attended a Winning Women Surrey meetup, which is the women's business networking group that I used to run in Dorking. (As a side note, it's still going strong, and is being run by the fabulous Jenny Kovacs).

Back to Julia! I...

Feb 9, 2015

[R2B 81] How to Find Your Blind Spot In Your Business, with Amira Alvarez

Today’s Guest

I first discovered today's guest, Amira Alvarez, in the Lucky Bitch community. Since then, we've started plotting exciting things together (more on that coming soon...though you'll get a sneak peek of what it is in today's podcast). I'm so excited to have her as a guest on the show this week,...

Feb 2, 2015

[R2B 80] How to Clone Yourself In Your Business, with Amber McCue

Today’s Guest

I love it when I find someone who is so enthusiastic about their business. Amber has great energy, and fantastic practical advice on how to outsource the bits of your business that fall outside your zone of genius. I'm so excited to have her on the show this week. Enjoy!

About Amber McCue