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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Apr 25, 2016

Today's Guest

Ever since my Tribal Publishing business, where I helped authors learn how to use social media to connect with their readers and spread the word about their books, I've been a huge fan of self publishing. And with the recent release of my book Business Beliefs, I've got books and publishing in the...

Apr 18, 2016

Today's Guest

I recently discovered today's guest via a blog post that Halley Gray ( tweeted on how to clone your favorite client. I headed straight over to the blog, and instantly knew I had to have RM on the show. I'm excited to have her on today, where we talk to...

Apr 11, 2016

Today’s Guest

After two and a half years of interviews and solo shows on this podcast, I'm super excited to introduce a new format. You may know Jo Casey from previous episodes: I interviewed her for episodes 21 and 121 (no, we didn't plan the numbering there...but I like it!), and Jo interviewed me for episodes...

Apr 4, 2016

Today's Guest

Today's guest is the fabulous Caroline Frenette, who shares her top tips on how to master your business intuition so you can create quantum leaps in your business. Intuition is something that I've been working on for years: training my mind to pay attention to those little bits of inner wisdom that pop in...