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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

May 30, 2016

Today’s Guest

I'm back with another solo episode. Today, I'm talking about seven business blocks that hold back most entrepreneurs and how to release them. I encourage you to take notes as you listen to this episode. I'll be talking about seven categories of business mindset blocks and specific examples of how they...

May 23, 2016

Today's Guest

I'm very excited to introduce today's guest, jaha Knight. I recently discovered jaha on Halona Black's Digital Well Publish podcast. She told a great story that really got me hooked, and I got in touch immediately to see if we could have a chat on this podcast about her experience with branding and...

May 16, 2016

Today's Guest

I'm super excited to introduce today's guest, Yoneco Evans. She's got a great system for helping entrepreneurs get clear on what they want to be known for. This sounds super simple, I know, but are YOU 100% clear on what you want to be known for? And can you communicate that clearly in words that your...

May 9, 2016

BMP 146 Jo and Holly

Today’s Guest

After two and a half years of interviews and solo shows on this podcast, I'm super excited to introduce a new format. You may know Jo Casey from previous episodes: I interviewed her for episodes 21 and 121 (no, we didn't plan the numbering there...but I like it!), and Jo interviewed me for episodes...

May 2, 2016

Today's Guest

I'm very excited to introduce today's guest, Shannon Ledford, who is also a podcaster! We had a great chat about the importance of nurturing your relationship with the Feminine and leading with feminine energy in your business. Shannon shares her journey from busy Manhattan lawyer to running a business...