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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Jan 30, 2017

BMP184 Rebecca Miller ~ How to Use Case Studies to Get Great Publicity & Reach Your Ideal Clients

Today's Guest

I recently got to know today's guest, Rebecca Miller, through Joanna Hennon, who's been a guest on the show a few times (episodes 86, 158 and 178). Her very unique background in public relations within the not-for-profit sector has led her to help entrepreneurs with publicity using a very unique tool:...

Jan 23, 2017

BMP183 Holly Worton ~ How to Get Things Done YOUR Way

Today’s Guest

I'm back with another solo show! This week, I'm back talking about focus and getting things a way that works for YOU. I share what's worked for me, and what's not. I've been talking a lot about getting things done lately, mostly because Jo Casey and I have been running a series of webinars...

Jan 16, 2017

BMP182 Regan Hillyer ~ How to Call in Your Cult Tribe Who Love You

Today's Guest

I'm excited to introduce today's guest, Regan Hillyer! She's got loads of really practical tips on how to call in your cult tribe...because you know you want one, don't you? She's got lots to share in this episode on what you need to understand so you can build your cult tribe, and all the things you...

Jan 9, 2017

BMP181 Jo + Holly ~ Is Mindset Important in Business, or Is It Just an Excuse to Avoid Action?

Today’s Guest

After two and a half years of interviews and solo shows on this podcast, I'm super excited to introduce a new format. You may know Jo Casey from previous episodes: I interviewed her for episodes 21 and 121 (no, we didn't plan the numbering there...but I like it!), and Jo interviewed me for

Jan 2, 2017

BMP180 Katie Wyatt ~ How to Build a Raving Community Who Love What You Do

Today's Guest

I'm very excited to introduce this week's guest, Katie Wyatt. She's one of those few people who managed to build a thriving community around her business and her podcast very quickly, and today she'll be sharing her secrets with us.

About Katie Wyatt

I’m building an empire and helping others to...