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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

May 29, 2017

BMP201 Holly Worton & 4 "Woo" Experts: How to Get Over Your Fear of Sharing Your Woo

The Why

Every once in a while, I ask the women in my Business Mindset Alchemists private Facebook group what they'd like me to talk about on this show, and the topic of woo came up: how to get over your fear of sharing your woo. This is something I've personally struggled with, and I know it's something other...

May 22, 2017

BMP200 Holly Worton ~ Celebrating 200 Episodes of Mindset, Growth, and Change!


Today’s Guest

I'm back again, with another solo episode! This week, I celebrate 200 episodes on the podcast. It's been such a pleasure to join you for the past 200 weeks on this show, and I look forward to 200 more. The idea for the content of this episode is thanks to suggestions from the fabulous women in my...

May 15, 2017

BMP199 How to Create a Wildly Successful Challenge That Fuels Your Business

Today's Guest

I'm so excited to introduce Niamh Arthur, this week's guest. Niamh is an expert on connection marketing through videos, and she's made it all possible through hosting tremendously successful video challenges that have grown exponentially. Today we talk about the power of video (even when you hate...

May 8, 2017

BMP198 Jo + Holly ~ How to Handle the Messy Middle in Business

Today’s Guest

After two and a half years of interviews and solo shows on this podcast, I'm super excited to introduce a new format. You may know Jo Casey from previous episodes: I interviewed her for episodes 21 and 121 (no, we didn't plan the numbering there...but I like it!), and Jo interviewed me for

May 1, 2017

BMP197 Holly Worton ~ Step into Your Greatness by Upgrading Your Business Beliefs

Today’s Guest

I'm back again, with another solo episode! Today's episode is inspired by elements from the workshop I gave at the No Limits! event in Brussels in March of this year. I'll be talking all about how you can step into your greatness by upgrading your business beliefs. You may want to listen to this...