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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Mar 30, 2020


Joanna Hennon and I are back with another co-hosted episode! Today, we talk about social media: is it inherently bad? We hear all kinds of stories of people deleting their Facebook or Instagram accounts for whatever reason. We also hear people talking about how social media is super toxic—but is it, really?...

Mar 23, 2020

I'm back again, with another solo episode! I used to take things really personally. Fortunately, that's no longer the case. But it wasn't until I read a few things on an internet forum the other day that I realized just how much progress I've made in this area. In this episode, I share some examples of things that would...

Mar 20, 2020

If Trees Could Talk: The Grandmothers

Mar 16, 2020

I'm back again, with another solo episode! I have a whole list of topics for podcast episodes, and this one has been on the list for a while. It's not really inspired by anything that's going on in my life right now, but when I looked over the list, it felt like an important one.

My mind gremlins can be really good at...

Mar 13, 2020

If Trees Could Talk: Where I'm Coming From