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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Apr 23, 2018


Today's Guest

I’m back, with another co-hosted episode with the fabulous Joanna Hennon! Today’s episode was inspired by last month’s episode on transformation work: Can You Expect Miracles From Doing Transformation Work? This month, we dig deeper into the specifics of money manifesting, money mindset, and transformation work around money. We look at why this is such a big issue for so many of us, and why we need to dig deeper and really get to the core of our money stuff (and how to do that).


More About Joanna Hennon

Joanna is a #SoulSmart Success Mentor - she helps people to easily create more success  by using the wisdom and power we all have access to at soul level. Living life from a place of soul power, in tune with your higher self and your Guides, and using the Law of Attraction with intention will literally change your life! To get started, grab one of these free resources:


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What You’ll Learn

  • If we’re all doing transformation work, why aren’t we all rich?
  • Why we often measure too soon and how that’s a problem
  • Why none of this is actually about money -- and what it’s really about
  • What the highest priority actually is (and why it’s not really money)
  • Why your relationship with money is the same as your relationship with the Universe
  • Why money is just a symptom that causes us pain -- and what we need to do with that pain
  • How to look at all the work happens behind the scenes before the money is visible
  • How to get out of the stuck place where all you feel is lack
  • Why it’s so important to dig deeper into what it means to not have “enough” money (and how to do that)
  • Why you need to say yes to opportunities, even when they’re not what you expected
  • Why just because you do the work, it doesn’t guarantee the money
  • Can you create money out of thin air?
  • Why the energy needs to flow and how that might affect retaining money in savings
  • How money relates to lifestyle, and how to make sure that you end up with the lifestyle you actually want
  • What to do when we get attached to where the money is coming from (and does it really matter?)
  • Things you can do TODAY to start taking action to get the money and the lifestyle you really want


Things We Discussed


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