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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Jun 10, 2019

307 Cara Wilde + Holly ~ How to Connect With Nature Spirits


Today's Guest

Cara Wilde is back on the podcast, and she's joining me for a co-hosted episode! Cara has been on the show three times before, on episodes 13, 116, and 302, but you've probably heard me talk about her many times, as I tend to bring up her name whenever I mention channeling. Today, we talk about how to connect with Nature spirits.


More About Cara Wilde

Cara supports professional women who want to make a difference in the world but are feeling stalled in their authentic work and want to reclaim their Soul purpose with confidence. She helps healers, coaches and therapists at any stage of their professional lives who are looking to deepen their spiritual and professional development. Cara left her counselling and more mainstream work behind her when she couldn’t use her psychic abilities or work with guides and began to feel as though she was working blind. She set up her own business as an EFT practitioner, started to use her channeling and intuitive abilities and felt like she’d got the team on board and helped her clients in making more significant and longer lasting changes in their lives. As part of her work Cara channels a collective called The Ancients and offers practical guidance and support specific to the needs and concerns of those of us who are deeply sensitive and passionate about creating real change in the world. Cara passionately believes that those of us considered misfits are truly here to create a new way in the world and are part of the Divine’s blueprint for a Heaven on Earth. Cara lives in Cornwall, surrounded by the ocean and stone circles. She home educates her two children and when life gets too hectic, you can find her running the trails or curled up under a heavy blanket with a good book. You can find her at her website, on Facebook, or her YouTube channel.


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What You’ll Learn

  • What exactly are Nature spirits
  • What is animism and how that informs our relationship with Nature spirits
  • Do they actually exist?
  • Who the different Nature spirits are
  • Why you might want to connect with them
  • Can anyone do this? Or do you need special skills?
  • Do you need formal learning to do this?
  • How to see/recognise/talk to Nature spirits
  • How to get started: connecting with Nature spirits
  • Why we need to have the right attitude when we attempt to connect with them
  • Where to go when you want to connect with Nature spirits
  • What to avoid when you go out in Nature to connect

Things We Discussed

Connect with Cara

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