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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Dec 30, 2019

336 Joanna Hennon + Holly ~ Can You Be Addicted To Healing And Personal Development?


Today's Guest

Joanna Hennon and I are back with another co-hosted episode! Today, we talk about how to know if you’re addicted to healing and personal development: how much is too much, and what to do instead.

More About Joanna Hennon

Joanna is a #SoulSmart Success Mentor - she helps people to easily create more success  by using the wisdom and power we all have access to at soul level. Living life from a place of soul power, in tune with your higher self and your Guides, and using the Law of Attraction with intention will literally change your life! To get started, grab one of these free resources.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why healing and spiritual stuff can sometimes be an escape from physical reality
  • Is learning/growth really the goal of life, or can we have other reasons for being here?
  • Why personal development culture feeds into the idea that there’s something wrong with you
  • Why personal growth satisfies our need for control
  • Why healing can be a distraction from action
  • How to know when it’s too much - when your personal growth is actually a problem
  • Is there truly always something more to heal?
  • What to do when you’ve been peeling your onion layers, but the onion feels infinite
  • What if you don’t feel like you’ve been addicted to healing
  • What about people who have good lives and don’t do any personal development at all?
  • When personal development can be used as a crutch
  • Why is it a problem to be addicted to healing? Isn’t healing good?
  • How to find the happy medium between addiction to personal development and doing nothing at all

Things We Discussed

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