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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Jun 1, 2020


I'm back again, with another solo episode! I've been getting emails from readers and podcast listeners asking me questions about writing their own books. With some of the people I sense a little hesitance—“Is my story worth telling?” I suspect they might be asking themselves. My answer: “Yes, it absolutely is.”

I went through the same process when I worked on my first walking book, Alone on the South Downs Way, which just became available in its second edition. Despite the fact that I enjoy reading books about other people's walking adventures, I wondered if my story was actually worth telling. Thankfully, I did. Then I went on to write three more books about my walking long-distance trails. Next year, I hope to update my book on The Ridgeway, in the same way that I updated my South Downs Way book this year.


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What You'll Learn

  • How to tell if your story is worth sharing
  • How to get started sharing your story
  • How to decide on the format of your story
  • How to get clear on the things that might get in the way of putting it out there
  • How to get the mindset you need to tell your story


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