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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Dec 14, 2020

I'm excited to introduce this week's guest, Heather Waring. Heather and I know each other in real life, as we're both based near London. This is one of those episodes where I could have kept talking all day long, as we're both huge fans of long-distance walking. Heather has a big mission to get one million women walking, and this drives everything she does. I absolutely love how she's getting out there and helping women to start the life-changing journey of walking.


About Heather

Heather is a walk leader and camino expert; transformational coach, author and speaker. Her mission is to impact the lives of women through the simple activity of walking. She creates space for women to rediscover and reconnect with their true self and re-ignite that spark and essence that has got lost along life’s path. Whether walking virtually or in person Heather taps into the energy, wisdom and stories of those who have gone before and uses these experiences and learnings in her work with her clients bringing forth their own stories.



One Million Women Walking Community

Seven Days of Mindful Walking

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What You'll Learn

  • What it was like to walk the Camino de Santiago starting from the middle of France in Le Puy
  • How Heather found herself walking the Great Wall of China
  • How walking helped Heather to recover from burnout and adrenal fatigue
  • How Heather turned walking into a business
  • Why Heather's goal is to get One Million Women Walking


Things We Discussed


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