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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Sep 27, 2021

I'm excited to introduce this week's guest, Isabel Firecracker. Back in 2019, I was a guest on her podcast, The Honest Uproar. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I've been wanting to get her on my show for a while. I'm very much aware that I wouldn't have the time to do all the things I've been doing (like training for ultras) if I had children. I'm very grateful for my childfree lifestyle, but it was hard to get here. Like many of Isabel's clients, I didn't realize that childfree living was actually an option in life.

You may or may not be childfree. I have many friends who are, and I know that some of my podcast listeners are as well. Childfreedom isn't about disliking children or being angry at parents. Everyone's lifestyle choices are valid. It's important for me to have these conversations because I hope to save others some of the confusion I had growing up. If you get just one thing out of this episode, I hope it's this: having children is a choice. It's not an obligation.


About Isabel Firecracker

Isabel was born and raised in Colombia, and has called five countries "home" in her 30-something years. A world traveler, avid kitesurfer, and childfree intersectional feminist, Isabel is a pragmatic, no-nonsense coach for childfree women who struggle with feelings of insecurity, shame, guilt, or anger that surround their choice to not have children. She has designed her coaching programs specifically for this end: to help childfree women evolve and grow into the very best version of themselves.

Isabel is a co-host of Childfree Girls, a podcast and web series that features three women in three different countries who challenge society’s expectations of parenthood with no-holds-barred conversations and interviews.

Isabel is also the host of The Honest Uproar podcast, a space for childfree women to gather and tell their #childfreestories. It was created to foster a stronger sense of community and to connect empowered women around the World.

More recently, Isabel co-founded Nunca Madres. This community features childfree content in Spanish to raise awareness about how parenthood is a choice, and not an obligation, among the Spanish-speaking population.


Podcast: The Honest Uproar


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What You'll Learn

  • Isabel's adventures in solo travel and kitesurfing
  • What it means to be childfree
  • How the childfree lifestyle helped her to live an adventure-filled life
  • The life-changing AHA moment that Isabel had when she realized she was childfree
  • The common insecurities and limiting beliefs childfree women tend to experience
  • How childfree women can learn to embrace their lifestyle choice


Things We Discussed


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