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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Feb 6, 2023

I'm excited to invite this week's guest back on the show! Susan is an online friend of mine, and she’s been on the show twice before to talk about her adventures. First, we discussed the Valley of Flowers and then the Camino Inglés. Now she’s back to talk about a 40-year dream she had that she finally fulfilled.

One of the things I love about Susan’s adventures is that she talks and writes about lesser-known places and routes, so I get to learn about new places. I hope you find this episode inspiring! Susan is a great example of someone who dreamt of a very specific adventure, and made it happen.

About Susan Jagannath

Susan Jagannath successfully combined a passion for reading, a love of writing and a fascination for technology, to create a career in technical writing. With over 60 technical manuals (not) to her name, she finally decided to use her writing and publishing skills for herself and publish her own books independently.

To her mild surprise, her very niche books went bestseller regularly, that's when she realised she had a system that could help others write and publish as well.

As an army brat and then military wife, her life included seven different schools, three universities and a couple of emergency evacuations from conflict zones. Travel and adventure were normal parts of life.

She now believes in seizing every opportunity to have a new adventure, especially post-pandemic.

Whether it’s camping on the beach in Australia, trekking in the Himalayas, kayaking in Queensland, whitewater rafting down the Ganges, or walking the Camino in Spain, her philosophy is to pack it into one or two weeks to create memories for a lifetime, (and disconnect from television and computer games).

Susan is now on the next adventure of her life, traveling post-pandemic, helping corporate escapees write their first bestseller, and learning to be an awesome grandmother.

What You'll Learn

  • How Susan fulfilled a 40-year dream about adventure in the Himalayas
  • Why you might want to plan your own Himalayan trip
  • Susan’s top tips for visiting Sandakphu and Kanchenjunga

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