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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Sep 16, 2021

I originally met today’s guest, Sara Stafford-Williams, over a year ago at the London Coaches Group. I loved her holistic approach to staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle, and I couldn't wait to have her as a guest so she can share her tips with you.

Sara Stafford-Williams is the creator of The Female Warrior Fitness System for Busy Business Women, helping female business owners and solopreneurs to avoid burnout and keep doing what they love by prioritising their health and fitness.

If you're a female entrepreneur, Sara's mission is to help you to put yourself back at the top of your "To-Do" list and make the time for those things that give you the physical energy and mental focus to empower you and your business to thrive. You can find out more and nab some fab freebies here.


What You’ll Learn
* Sara's top tips for staying fit as a busy woman
* How your business benefits from a healthy lifestyle
* Why it's all about mindset


Inspiring Women in Business
* Yvette Nevrkla
* Julie Hall
* Catherine Watkin
* Marie Forleo
* Gabrielle Bernstein
* Marianne Williamson