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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Apr 7, 2014

Alison Green of Ask A Manager

Today’s Guest

I have been a longtime reader of Alison Green's blog . To say I love it is a massive understatement. It's one of those few blogs that I really get sad about when I don't see updates in my feed...which is rare, since she's got a very active blog. I truly look forward to her posts, which are packed with management wisdom, and I recommend her every chance I get.

Alison has amazing common sense, something that seems to be so rare, and I've learned so much from her. I only wish that I had discovered her blog when I had my previous company, as it would have really helped me become a better manager.

The reason I was especially excited to get her on this podcast is because I know a lot of our listeners are solopreneurs, and often they have little prior experience in management. As we discuss on this episode, making the move to a management role is really challenging. And once you start bringing people onto your team, you'll need to manage them: whether they're a bookkeeper/accountant, graphic designer, video editor, or whatever.

As the blogger behind Ask a Manager, Alison Green functions as the Dear Abby of the workplace, answering readers' questions daily on career, job search, and management issues. She's also the author of How To Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager and Managing to Change the World: The Nonprofit Leader's Guide to Getting Resultsand the former chief of staff of a successful nonprofit organization, where she oversaw day-to-day staff management.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Alison's top tips for how to be a new manager
  • Why management is simply about getting things done
  • How to help your ideal clients self select when they come to your website
  • Why it's so important to have those difficult conversations you might want to avoid
  • How Alison built her consulting business around her blog

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