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Into the Woods with Holly Worton

Jun 6, 2016

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Today's Guest

I'm excited to have another podcast with not one, but two guests today! We've got Charlotte Wibberley and Amanda Slack on the show, the founders of VIP VA. They've got lots of super practical tips to share with us today about exactly what the difference is between a virtual assistant and an online business manager, and when and why you might want to hire one or the other...or both.

About Charlotte Wibberley & Amanda Slack

Amanda Slack is a former music industry legal PA turned creative and techie VA specialising in brand and online marketing support for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Amanda took the plunge and launched her business in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. Amanda is fiercely passionate about brand consistency and making automation simple for business owners.  The mechanic in your business keeping the systems and cogs turning.

Amanda is also an Infusionsoft whizz (or guru according to Charlotte!) and excels at building campaigns to support her clients in their quest to monetise their businesses.

Outside of business, Amanda is a busy mum to 12 year old Jake and 3 year old Lola, loves getting creative with Playdoh, kitchen discos and gigs, theatre and fine dining with her scientist/part time thespian husband Ian.

Charlotte Wibberley is an Online Business Manager enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to have the freedom to do what they do best and follow their passion.

2012 saw Charlotte leap into self-employment starting her first online business, a multi- award winning VA business. This success enabled her to find her passion in supporting successful women juggling family and business as their OBM. Charlotte is the extra pair of hands, the like-minded buddy and chief cheerleader for businesses goals and ambitions. She loves helping clients achieve their goals they secretly dared to desire but feared to hope and aim for!

Charlotte also coaches and mentors VAs looking to build their businesses, grow their teams and achieve their dreams. Seeing people grow and build successful businesses around their lifestyles is close to Charlotte’s heart: it is one of her passions and key purposes.

Outside of work Charlotte is mum to Alex, 3 and Evie, 1 who keep her busy and out of trouble! She also enjoys going to the gym and the rare date night with her fellow entrepreneurial husband, Andrew.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What you need to consider when asking a friend to recommend a VA
  • The important things you need to consider in addition to a VA's skill set
  • The specific mindset you need to have when hiring a VA
  • Why you need to be asking the right questions when interviewing a VA, and what those questions are
  • When to start creating an operations manual for your business, and why you absolutely need one

Connect with Charlotte Wibberley & Amanda Slack

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